SGWS Launches Company-Wide Volunteer Ambassador Program

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits has announced the launch of its VolunCheers Ambassador Program, which is designed to drive local participation in volunteer activity across all Southern Glazer’s markets.

The program comprises 77 volunteer ambassadors spanning 44 U.S. markets, plus the District of Columbia, Canada and the Caribbean. It coincides with the celebration of the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Company’s enterprise-wide employee volunteering and giving portal, VolunCheers Online.

Since the inception of VolunCheers Online, Southern Glazer’s employees have created more than 200 volunteer events, logged more than 12,350 volunteer hours and donated $55,500, the company reports.

VolunCheers Ambassadors were selected by local leaders based on their passion for and experience in leading volunteer activities in their respective markets, the company says. Ambassadors leverage VolunCheers Online to organize and promote local volunteer efforts, drive participation in national volunteer campaigns and share best practices for volunteer engagement within their communities.

“Our team’s commitment to giving back is unparalleled,” says Wayne E. Chaplin, Chief Executive Officer, Southern Glazer’s. “The VolunCheers Ambassador Program will recognize Southern Glazer’s employee dedication to charitable impact and expand participation in local and company-wide efforts. The significant expansion of VolunCheers Online through the ambassador program is possible thanks to the large number of Southern Glazer’s employees, who are leading change in their communities.”

VolunCheers Online enables Southern Glazer’s employees to create, share and search for volunteer and fundraising opportunities. Users can connect with colleagues who share similar charitable passions, log individual volunteer hours, and donate to 501(c)(3) organizations of their choice.



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