L’Excuse Herbal Liqueur Unveils Green and Yellow Liqueurs

L'Excuse Herbal Liqueur
L'Excuse Herbal Liqueur

L’Excuse Herbal Liqueur just introduced two botanical liqueurs: Green and Yellow. Following its introduction to the Midwest, L’Excuse is now poised for a global launch, the company notes.

“Our journey began with a limited release, but the response from both the consumer as well as the trade has been so outstanding, we are now ramping up for a global launch with expectations for a national presence in both the US, Canada and the EU by the end of 2024,” said David Salmon in a news release. “Our goal is to help fill the void created by the recent scarcity of botanical liqueurs, offering an accessible and sophisticated option for those seeking a true craft spirit experience.”

L’Excuse Green variant offers a crisp, herbaceous profile while the Yellow variant introduces a sweeter note.

Liam Hall, Head Distiller, and Benjamin Stacy, National Brand Manager, the visionaries behind L’Excuse, reflect, “Crafting L’Excuse has been a journey and a labor of love. Witnessing the embrace of L’Excuse by the bartender community has been profoundly fulfilling.”


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