Limited Edition Ultra-Premium Vodka Infused with Meteorite

Pegasus Distillerie's Shooting Star Vodka
Pegasus Distillerie's Shooting Star Vodka

Pegasus Distillerie, a spirits brand founded in France’s Burgundy region, is now available in the United States. The Pegasus Distillerie portfolio includes vodka, gin and liqueur.

As part of the U.S. market launch, Pegasus is introducing a brand-new spirit: Shooting Star Vodka. This premium spirit is enriched with minerals from an out-of-this-world ingredient: a meteorite, the distillery states.

The Making of Shooting Star Vodka

Beginning from wheat selected from local French producers, the Pegasus Vodkas undergo several rounds of slow reflux distillation using iStill stills. Located at the heart of the distillery under a cathedral of zinc and glass, the iStill has a unique cubic shape that helps improve the blending of the extractions, according to the distillery.

To create Shooting Star Vodka, the spirit is then reduced over a month-long period with spring water from the well 150 meters below the Pegasus Distillerie and aged for a minimum of one year in a terracotta amphora from Italy. Suspended at the center of the amphora is a meteorite, imparting extra flavor and structure to the vodka, the distillery states.

Pegasus Distillerie spirits will be distributed in New York, California and Florida.



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