Mom Water Releases Second Variety Pack: Vacation Mode

Mom Water's new Vacation Mode variety pack.
Mom Water's new Vacation Mode variety pack.

Mom Water, a ready-to-drink beverage company, just launched two new fruit-infused vodka water flavors to its lineup. Kathy and Mary are now available in Mom Water’s second 8-can variety pack, aptly named Vacation Mode, the brand states. This new variety pack is now on
shelves nationwide.

The latest additions to Mom Water’s personality-driven flavors are inspired and named after the moms of the brand’s founders and owners, according to the company. Kathy, blackberry lime, is a balanced blend of fruit and citrus. Mary, apple melon, is crisp and juicy. These new flavors contain zero carbonation, zero sugar, 90 calories and deliver a hint of flavor in spiked still water.

“Our latest variety pack is not only a celebration of good summer vibes, it’s a nod to our origin story and journey,” said Kara Woolsey, CEO of Mom Water, in a news release. “The names are a heartfelt tribute to remarkable women who have shaped our lives and inspired us along the way. We can’t wait to share these cans with our loyal fans and toast to the season ahead with these exciting new flavors.”

Available exclusively in the Mom Water Vacation Mode variety pack, the new cans join popular flavors Susan, strawberry kiwi, and Nancy, pineapple orange. Mom Water’s second variety pack features four distinct flavors from its original Mom Squad variety pack, which will continue to be available on shelves, the company states. Both variety packs include two cans of each flavor and have a suggested retail price of $19.99.


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