iichiko Debuts New Expression: iichiko Special

iichiko Special
iichiko Special

iichiko, a Japanese shochu brand, just launched its latest release: iichiko Special. This new expression is now available at select retailers across the U.S., the company states.

Headquartered in the Oita Prefecture on Japan’s Kyushu Island, iichiko made its debut in 1979, according to the company. Using a blend of barley koji, yeast, spring water and two-row pearled barley, as well as low-pressure and atmospheric distillation techniques, the company has produced a range of award-winning expressions including iichiko Saiten, the first mixology-friendly shochu, and the brand’s original expression, iichiko Silhouette. 

iichiko Special in the Making

At 30% ABV, iichiko Special is made from 100% two-row barley and fermented with koji, the traditional ingredient behind Japanese foods famous for umami, like miso and soy sauce, the company states. The spirit boasts a round, subtle and smooth feel on the palate with a complex, broad and slightly savory nose, complimented by oak and spicy vanilla notes, revealing a chocolate finish. The spirit is aged five to seven years within both American white oak casks and sherry casks. 

“iichiko is thrilled to introduce our latest expression to the American market,” said Ken Oka, Manager of US Operations at iichiko Shochu, in a news release. “This unique expression of shochu is unlike any other on the market currently. Aged for five years to seven years in both sherry and oak casks, the spirit boasts a complex, layered, whiskey-like profile alongside savory, umami notes typically found in shochu.”  

iichiko Special is available for purchase through several online retailers, including Umami Mart, Dekanta and Kuraichi, or in select stores.


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