Heritage Distilling Co. Expands into Oklahoma

Heritage Distilling's Oklahoma portfolio.
Heritage Distilling's Oklahoma portfolio.

Heritage Distilling Company (HDC) is expanding into the Oklahoma market in partnership with wholesale beverage distributors who comprise the MillerCoors network. The distributors include LDF CompaniesCapital Distributing, LLCFisher 59, Jett Distributing, Inc., and Pope Distributing, Inc. Heritage’s portfolio of craft spirits will be available to on- and off-premise retailers and consumers throughout the state beginning this month, the company states.

“This expansion is a significant step for Heritage Distilling Company as we continue our journey to share our passion for craft spirits with consumers across the country,” said Justin Stiefel, Co-founder of HDC, in a news release. “The partnership with distributors in the MillerCoors network offers Oklahomans a taste of the innovation and quality that have defined the Heritage brand. Through this established network, HDC products will be readily available to participating retailers and on-premise accounts in Oklahoma immediately, enhancing accessibility and convenience for consumers, and meeting the growing demand for premium craft spirits in the market.”

Heritage Distilling Continues Its Growth

The decision to enter the Oklahoma market aligns with the impressive growth reported by the American Craft Spirits Association in the U.S. craft spirits sector. With a 6.1% annual increase in volume and a 5.3% rise in value, craft spirits have outpaced the broader liquor industry, selling over 14 million cases and generating $7.9 billion in revenue last year, the report states.

“LDF Companies of Oklahoma is proud to partner with the most award-winning craft distillery in the U.S., Heritage Distilling. Their attention to detail and spot-on flavor profiles add a new dimension to our spirits portfolio. We appreciate their trust in us for their distribution and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship,” said Ken Brown, Director of LDF Companies of Oklahoma, in the release.

Signature offerings coming to Oklahoma include: 

  • Cocoa Bomb Chocolate Whiskey
  • Florescence Vodka
  • Stiefel’s Select Whiskey
  • The Special Operations Salute series



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