Flavortown Spiked Expands Into 7 New Markets

Flavortown Spiked by Guy Fieri and Two Roads.
Flavortown Spiked by Guy Fieri and Two Roads.

Flavortown Spiked, a new line of FMBs crafted by Two Roads and Guy Fieri, has expanded to seven new markets in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Southwest regions thanks to a series of new distribution deals with over 20 new wholesale partners, the company states.

The news of the expansion comes on the heels of the release of the Flavortown Spiked Variety Pack, which introduced three new recipes to the line, bringing even more of Flavortown to fans in these regions, according to the company.

“Flavortown Spiked is off to an incredibly strong start as we launch into several new markets just in time for spring and summer,” says Brian Corrie, VP of Sales at Two Roads. “The expanded distribution is a testament to the fantastic liquid and bold, real-fruit flavors our brewing team crafted in partnership with Guy Fieri, in jump-off-the-shelf packaging. Our core beer brands are coming with us as well, as Flavortown Spiked has opened the door to introduce Two Roads’ other brands to entirely new markets. As we plan for further expansion later this year, we look forward to continuing conversations with new partners around bringing our core portfolio to even more people across the country.”

Continued Growth for Flavortown

All seven new markets, which include NV, FL, AL, GA, the Carolinas, DC, and MD, will be up and running this month, with additional markets to come later this year. Before the expansion, Flavortown was and is still available in CO, CT, DE, MA, ME, MN, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT and VA. Retail chains that have taken in the new line include Publix, Total Wine, Harris Teeter and more, the company states.

Not only have these deals expanded distribution for the FMBs, but Two Roads has been able to leverage Flavortown Spiked to expand distribution for their core beer portfolio as well, with several markets taking in beer too, according to the company.


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