el Jimador Spiked Bebidas Launches Nationwide

el Jimador Spiked Bebidas.
el Jimador Spiked Bebidas.

el Jimador Spiked Bebidas just announced its nationwide launch after a successful test launch in limited states in 2023. These flavored malt beverages serve up vibrant, tequila-inspired flavors, the company states.

el Jimador Spiked Bebidas feature four flavors: Lime Margarta, Grapefruit Paloma, Pina Coconut Margarita and Orange Sunrise. Each can comes in an approachable 5.9% ABV, according to the company.

  • Lime Margarita: el Jimador’s version of a margarita brings forward a crisp lime flavor with a subtle sweetness to balance it all out.
  • Grapefruit Paloma: This Paloma-inspired FMB is bittersweet, sour and citrusy.
  • Pina Coconut Margarita: This beverage blends pineapple and coconut flavoring.
  • Orange Sunrise: The Orange Sunrise flavor has a bright, citrusy taste.

el Jimador Spiked Bebidas are rolling out nationwide in a 12-pack variety pack. Lime Margarita and Grapefruit Paloma will also be the first to be available in 16oz and 23.5oz single-serve cans, the company states.

“We can’t wait for fans to try our exhilarating new el Jimador Spiked Bebidas,” said Arturo Vargas, Senior Brand Manager, el Jimador Spiked Bebidas, in a news release. “Our four flavors are vibrant and exciting, perfect to enjoy at any fiesta, or while watching great soccer from the USL. We want to give folks across the country a chance to celebrate with fun, crowd pleasing drinks that are ready to go, whether you are enjoying the beautiful game, or spending time with friends.”


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