DIAGEO Announces First Experience with Apple Vision Pro

Don Julio's Apple Vision Pro experience.
Don Julio's Apple Vision Pro experience.

Tequila Don Julio, a Mexican luxury tequila, will be the first DIAGEO brand to leverage the Apple Vision Pro platform to create new experiences for tequila enthusiasts. Through the recently launched Por Amor campaign, this platform will allow tequila fans to experience the people, places and processes behind the brand, the company states. 

Agave-based spirits is one of the fastest growing categories in the industry, and tequila enthusiasts are seeking new ways to learn more about this incredible spirit. This new way to engage Don Julio with Apple Vision Pro enables users to travel virtually to Mexico to experience the craft that makes Don Julio from the comfort of their own home, according to the company.

Key Features in Apple Vision Pro

Launching this spring, users will have a first-hand opportunity to experience founder Don Julio González beginning his tequila-making journey in 1942. The Don Julio app experience on Apple Vision Pro will focus on the four key chapters in the Don Julio making process: harvesting the agave, baking the piñas, distilling the liquid and aging the tequila. Future iterations will feature guided tastings, mixology demonstrations and experiences that will further celebrate the people and cocktail culture of modern Mexico, the company states.

“Apple Vision Pro offers us a new opportunity to bring consumers closer to the vibrant world of modern Mexico and all that goes into making Tequila Don Julio an iconic brand,” said Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Global Tequila and Mezcal Categories at DIAGEO, in a news release. “Spatial computing gives us a rich canvas to deliver the closest version of the physical world of Tequila Don Julio through digital content, while allowing users to stay wherever they are in the world. What was once limited to visitor centers, distillery tours and physical activations, we’re now able to inspire and educate seamlessly with behind-the-scenes access to our award-winning portfolio.”

The Making of the Don Julio Experience

Don Julio’s app experience developed for Apple Vision Pro is spearheaded through a collaboration between DIAGEO’s Global Breakthrough Innovation team led by Director Guy Middleton and Senior Vice President of DIAGEO’s Global Tequila and Mezcal Categories, Sophie Kelly. The Tequila Don Julio experience on Apple Vision Pro will continue to evolve and is just the beginning as DIAGEO taps into this technology, the company states.

“The technology behind Apple Vision Pro is an exciting new frontier that empowers us at DIAGEO to further our commitments to be cultural disruptors and provide industry leading experiences for our fans around the world,” said Guy Middleton, Global Director of DIAGEO Breakthrough Innovation at DIAGEO, in the release. “We’re excited to be amongst the first companies to adapt this new technology, enhance the way people discover our brands and help shape the future of immersive storytelling.”



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