Kylie Minogue Wines Launches 0% Sparkling Rosé in the U.S.

Kylie Minogue Wines 0% Sparkling Rosé.
Kylie Minogue Wines 0% Sparkling Rosé.

As the no and low alcohol beverage category continues to climb, Kylie Minogue Wines is bringing its 0% Sparkling Rosé to the U.S. The beverage has seen huge success in the UK so far, with Tesco 0% Sparkling Rosé sales up 75% last month, the company states.

“Currently, the NOLO (non and low alcoholic beverages) category is booming in the U.S., accounting for over $414 million in sales, and is expected to grow by +28% volume in the new year, highlighting the demand not just for NOLO options, but premium options, reflective of traditional wines,” states Stephen Brauer, CEO of Evaton, (Sogrape US) – the brand’s US importer in a news release. “This is the best tasting wine alternative in the market – it is not dealcoholized; it is an innovative Sparkling Rosé Wine Alternative.”

The Making of an Alcohol-Free Rosé

Kylie 0% Sparkling Rosé Wine Alternative uses a unique fermentation process that reduces sugars by up to 30%, generates no alcohol, yet still delivers all the subtle flavors and characteristics of a traditionally fermented wine produced with European grapes and green tea from the southwest mountains of China, according to the company.

Available in select retailers and online partners, Kylie Minogue’s 0% Sparkling Rosé retails for $14.99 per 750 ml. bottle and began rolling out nationwide in early January 2024.


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