Cherokee Distributing Partnering with Provi to Enhance Operations

Cherokee Distributing logo
Cherokee Distributing logo

With a goal of driving revenue growth, Cherokee Distributing has recently partnered with Provi to enhance the online ordering system and distributor sales tools.

As a beer and no-alcohol beverage wholesaler in Tennessee, Cherokee’s sales representatives will now be able to deliver enhanced services to licensed retail customers, the company states. By leveraging Provi’s online marketplace, Cherokee’s customers will have the ability to search and place orders from the wholesaler’s portfolio.

Provi’s sales rep dashboard.

“This strategic partnership with Provi is poised to equip our sales representatives with advanced tools, streamlining the selling process and catering to the evolving requirements of our valued retail customers,” shared Jeff Knight, President at Cherokee Distributing, in a news release. “Our commitment to innovation is reflected in this partnership, as we strive to stay at the forefront of meeting industry demands and enhancing overall efficiency.”

Cherokee’s Vice President Lauren Bowman added, “Embracing digital solutions, such as Provi, holds immense promise in unlocking fresh opportunities, not just for our company, but for our dedicated sales force. We are excited to give them the tools to make their jobs easier and more impactful.” 


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