RNDC Announces Integration with Diverse Powered Brands


Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) just announced its integration with Diverse Powered Brands, a centralized B2B global digital catalog connecting diverse suppliers, buyers, supplier diversity managers, wholesalers and investors across the entire beverage alcohol and hospitality industry.

“Corporate social responsibility is in our DNA and our integration with Diverse Powered Brands is a testament to highlighting unique brands and perspectives,” said Jenn Engel, RNDC Chief Customer and Commercial Sales Officer, in a news release. “We are difference-makers with an unwavering commitment to ethics and corporate governance. Together, RNDC and Diverse Powered Brands are leading the charge, but this is also an initiative for the greater good of the industry — we expect others to follow along the path and join the effort.”

Connecting With the eRNDC Platform

Subscribers in the Diverse Powered Brands platform are integrated into eRNDC with their diversity attributes, badges and “Powered by Diverse Powered Brands” logo, the company states.

“We are very pleased to feature Diverse Powered Brands on our eRNDC Platform,” said Emily Xu, RNDC SVP of eCommerce, in the release. “It not only helps brands amplify their message and share their powerful stories with new customers, but it also makes it more convenient for buyers to meet the demand of socially conscious consumers and provide a seamless process to our sales teams.”

A Hybrid Sales Tool

“As an accelerator and disruptor for diverse suppliers in the beverage alcohol industry, we are excited to offer a hybrid sales tool to RNDC that not only adds value to the three-tier system but meets the needs of today’s consumers who are ultimately driven by the real stories behind their preferred brands,” said Deborah Brenner, Founder & CEO of Diverse Powered Brands and Women of the Vine & Spirits, in the release. “We are thrilled to have RNDC as our first integration and welcome the entire wholesale tier to come on board and drive change together.”

Going beyond a digital platform, Diverse Powered Brands operates as a startup incubator functioning as a springboard for early-stage businesses and startups by providing valuable educational resources, virtual master classes led by industry experts and virtual or in-person pitch days with buyers, wholesalers and investors, the company states.


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