Novo Fogo Debuts Non-Alcohol Brazilian Mate Tea Drinks

Novo Fogo Energia drinks.
Novo Fogo Energia drinks.

Novo Fogo, a producer of Brazilian cachaças, is introducing new additions to its line of USDA-certified organic beverages: two varieties of alcohol-free, canned mate tea. The drinks are playfully named Energia, the company states, as homage to the hit song of the same name by SOFI TUKKER, its co-owners and global brand ambassadors.

The sparkling organic mate teas arrive in two tropical releases: Original (clean mate tea with subtle notes of vanilla) and Passion Fruit (bright, punchy and balanced). Both are packaged in colorful 12-oz cans inspired by SOFI TUKKER artistry and contain 42-71 mg of natural caffeine, for a light mood lift.

Creating an Inclusive Novo Fogo Product Line

Featuring 15 calories for the Original and 30 calories for the Passion Fruit, the Energia drinks appeal to the ultra-healthy while also offering full ingredient flavor, according to the company. As Novo Fogo’s first offering of non-alcohol beverages, these are a great option for those looking to consume less alcohol or who have removed it from their lives altogether.

The Energia mate teas were designed to extend the inclusive nature of Novo Fogo’s product offering, the company states. Sophie Hawley-Weld of SOFI TUKKER said in a news release, “I love to be in environments where people are enjoying all kinds of drinks. Even though I’m not drinking alcohol, I’m still at the party, having the time of my life. I’d like everyone to feel welcome, whether they enjoy alcohol or not, to stay up and be themselves while dancing with us.”

Keep the Energia Going

Novo Fogo and SOFI TUKKER developed the Energia mate teas to be enjoyed directly from the chilled can for a healthy refresher or mixed into another drink.

“We found ourselves personally enjoying the space between alcohol and non-alcohol,” said Novo Fogo’s CEO and founder, Dragos Axinte, in the release, “and we feel that it’s a good place to take the brand. As long as you’re moderating, wellness is whatever makes you feel balanced; that may be as simple as finding joy in a cocktail today and taking a break from alcohol tomorrow.”

Novo Fogo Energia is sold to distributors nationwide by 375 Park Avenue Spirits and also directly from


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