Shelter Distilling Introduces Palo Santo Stormrider Rum

Shelter Palo Santo Stormrider Rum.
Shelter Palo Santo Stormrider Rum.

Shelter Distilling, a California-based spirit distillery, just introduced a limited release of Palo Santo Stormrider Rum.

Born from the fusion of dark brown sugar and pure alpine snowmelt from the rugged High Sierra granite mountains, Stormrider Rum is meant to embody the essence of nature’s finest elements, the distillery states.

What makes this rum unique is the finishing process on Palo Santo wood, which imparts a distinctive flavor profile. Stormrider Rum is also infused with notes of vanilla, orange, mint and subtle woody undertones, according to the distillery, accompanied by a pleasant vanilla cake aroma.

Bottled at 90 proof, Palo Santo Stormrider Rum has an MSRP of $49.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


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