NAWR Wine Retailer Summit Set for May 8-9, 2024 in NY

NAWR Wine Retailer Summit taking place May 8-9, 2024.
NAWR Wine Retailer Summit taking place May 8-9, 2024.

Technological advancement, legal tests to state alcohol regulations, economic challenges and retailer marketing will be front and center at the National Association of Wine Retailers 8th Annual Summit. The two-day event is set for May 8-9 in White Plains, NY and will play host to many of the most prominent and forward-looking wine retailers in America, the organization states. 

“The NAWR Annual Retailer Summit is the high point of the year for many NAWR members and invited guests,” notes David Parker, President of the Association, in a news release. “There are very few opportunities for retailers to gather to examine their sector of the industry alongside their peers. And given the rapid legal, legislative, and industry changes occurring, we expect the 2024 Summit to be of particular importance.”


Attendance at the Summit is limited with the intent of keeping the event an intimate affair for robust and candid discussions. The Summit consists of a day and a half of panels and seminars featuring experts and commentators from a variety of fields speaking on issues that may be of interest to independent wine and spirit retailers. Particular attention is paid to attendee discussion and debate with an aim of creating both a full and relevant hearing of issues presented by speakers and panels, according to the organization.


The NAWR Summit is by invitation only. Invitations may be requested by contacting Tom Wark, NAWR executive director:

The 2024 NAWR Retailer Summit will take place at the KANOPI in downtown White Plains, NY, just outside and easily accessible from Manhattan and surrounding airports. In addition to the seminars and panels, the Summit hosts a festive BYOB dinner on May 8th that features the sharing of special wines and vintages contributed by attendees, making this networking time a particular highlight of the Summit, the organization states.


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