Gas Monkey Garage Partners with Garage Beer

Gas Monkey Garage.
Gas Monkey Garage.

Gas Monkey Garage, a motor media outlet and merch retailer, has shifted gears to team up with Garage Beer, an American classic light lager brand. This marriage between the two companies unites the love for the garage as a sanctuary.

Richard Rawlings, the emblematic entrepreneur of Gas Monkey Garage and notorious beer aficionado, found his bearings with Garage Beer. While Rawlings treasures the garage as an automotive and motorcycle laboratory for creating one off masterpieces, Garage Beer venerates it as a spiritual home, creating an unprecedented synergy that defines this partnership as a match made in motorhead heaven.

Uniting a Love for the Garage

Richard Rawlings and Garage Beer.

“When I first saw the brand then tasted Garage Beer, it resonated with the ethos of garage culture—a shared passion that reverberates nationwide,” expressed Rawlings in a news release. “Its rocket ship success mirrors the cultural impact. It’s America in a can and I needed to be a part of the brand and the business. Where we’re from, we believe in full on partnership and pitching in to make the business and the brand kick ass. It’s an exceptional light beer for anyone who truly appreciates their brew.”

“Throughout his career, Richard has proven to be undeniably awesome at building massive communities from the ground up through hard work and light-heartedness – both of which resonate strongly with the Garage Beer brand. We are incredibly excited to have Richard,” says  Corey Smale, VP of Marketing, Garage Beer in the release.

In just a year, Garage Beer has surged at an unprecedented 252% growth. IRI’s data solidifies its standing as the #1 craft light beer in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, while its recent expansion into Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Tennessee has further propelled its presence, according to the release.

Consumers can expect to partake in some unique consumer experiences from the partnership in the new year. 



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