Renegade Rum Introduces New Flagship Range of High Provenance Natural Rums

Renegade Rum's new flagship line.

A new range of aged and unaged natural rums from Renegade Rum have just been introduced into the U.S. market.

The flagship range brings the first Cuvée Concepts to Renegade Rum with two aged offerings of All-Island Cuvée: Nova and Single Farm Cuvée: Dunfermline as well as the one unaged offering with Cuvée: Aura. Additionally, the MicrOrigin: Hope focuses on flavor derived from not just an island or a farm, but a field within a singular Renegade Rum building block.

  • All-Island Cuvée: Nova (SRP: $59.99) contains the distillery’s greatest assemblage of component terroirs, multiple Single Farm Origins, cane varieties, distillation methods and wood types, the company states. Distilled using pot and column stills, this rum is bottled at 46% ABV. Can varieties include Lacalome Red, Yellow Lady, Lodger, Cain and Clean Ester.
  • Single Farm Cuvée: Dunfermline (SRP: $69.99) drills down further into provenance. Taking its inspiration from the Grand Vins of Bordeaux, it is an assemblage of individually distilled component terroirs from Dunfermline farm, the company states. Bottled at 50% ABV, the cane variety includes Lacalome Red. The rum is distilled using pot and column stills.
  • Cuvée: Aura (SRP: $49.99) is the first unaged Pre-Cask assemblage, showcasing vibrantly fresh cane rum flavors. This unaged rum expression is bottled at 46% ABV and distilled in pot and column stills, the company states. Cane varieties include Lacalome Red, Lodger and Cain.
  • MicrOrgin: Hope (SRP: $79.99) is rum from a single field of cane grown on Hope Farm on the island’s wild, Atlantic-swept East and bottled at 55% ABV. Distilled in pot and retorts stills, the cane variety includes Lodger.

The Renegade Rum flagship range are releasing in December in 700-ml. bottles in select markets in fine retail stores, the company states. Renegade Rum is imported by MORF Brands, a luxury beverage importer based in Texas, known for its expertise in developing and distributing innovative brands.


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