Half Shell Vodka Expands to California and Colorado

Half Shell Vodka.

Half Shell Vodka recently announced their expansion into California and Colorado via online wholesale distributor LibDib. The sustainably-made vodka will now be available for on-premise and off-premise accounts in both states. 

Crafted in Florida using local ingredients, Half Shell Vodka has only been available in that state up until now. The Half Shell team chose to expand to California and Colorado as a way to honor the brand’s roots and its environmental stewardship. All ingredients used in the distillation process, from corn to oysters, are grown in partnerships with local farmers as a way to elevate and protect Florida’s ecology.

Utilizing Florida’s Natural Environment

Half Shell Vodka is made by Distillery 98, which also produces Dune Laker and Martin Migration vodkas. Made by hand, Half Shell is distilled 18 times and then passed through an activated coconut carbon and oyster shell filter. 

Harrison Holditch, Co-founder of Distillery 98.

“Being on the Emerald Coast of Florida, we are surrounded by Oyster farmers and natural oyster beds. These are treasures to our community. We decided a while back that we wanted to be a part of that culture and wanted to raise awareness to what oysters do for our waters (filter them) and the hard work it takes for them to go from the water to our plates,” Harrison Holditch, Co-founder of Distillery 98, says, describing the filtering process. 

Half Shell is also the first U.S. spirit to come in a 94% recycled cardboard bottle, whose manufacturing uses six times less carbon than a glass bottle. The cardboard is reportedly still sturdy and can even be frozen, the company states. 

“Half Shell Vodka is a 100% corn vodka, but it being filtered through oysters really sets us apart. And the fact that we are the first spirit in the U.S. to use an eco-friendly package makes us unique,” Holditch states.

Partnering with LibDib

When asked why they decided to partner with LibDib, Holditch explains that he has heard good things about the company. Most of LibDib’s areas of distribution also align with Distillery 98’s current distributor, BreakThru Beverage. 

“LibDib allows smaller brands like us to reach new customers that we potentially wouldn’t be able to reach,” says Holditch. “We can talk directly to the end customer, allowing us to be selective on locations we would like to grow the brand.”

Holditch also mentions that they plan to do a massive push in other states, including Canada, with BreakThru Beverage in the future.

Half Shell Vodka’s Commitment to Sustainability

No matter where Half Shell Vodka will be distributed, Holditch says they will continue to stay true to their sustainability practices. The goal is for Half Shell to be a leader in the industry when it comes to sustainability. Not only is the bottle made of cardboard, but Holditch says a portion of each Half Shell Vodka purchase is given to local and countrywide organizations that fight to protect the water and land. 

“We will always be made-by-hand vodka. There will be more players in that game, but we will make sure the quality is always there and the care goes into each bottle,” Holditch notes. “Our ingredients may not always be ‘local’ to us, but we will source American corn, grown by farmers that align with our goals.”

While some farmers may grow products for grocery stores or feed and look for quantity over quality, Distillery 98 ensures that the farmers it chooses to source from do not overlook quality. When quality farming happens, Holditch explains that the land benefits. 

“When it comes to the bottle, it takes less fuel for a truck to transport Half Shell than a normal glass container based on weight,” says Holditch. “The carbon footprint to manufacture and recycle the bottle is less than a glass bottle. The trash and compost are less than a glass bottle. There are so many ripple effects that take place in many industries across the board because of this bottle.”


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