Cedar Ridge Launches The QuintEssential Special Release

The QuintEssential Special Release Portside.

Cedar Ridge Distillery just announced the launch of The QuintEssential Special Release Portside. This limited edition release was created from 100% 2-Row Pale malted barley, distilled entirely at the Cedar Ridge Distillery and pays homage to the distillery’s cash portfolio, the company states.

The QuintEssential Special Release Portside owes its deep ruby hue to the marriage of 6-year-old American Single Malt first aged in Cedar Ridge ex-bourbon barrels which were then finished in First Fill Ruby Port, First Fill Amontillado Sherry and Virgin French Casks.

“For this release in particular, I wanted to do something with a lot of Port influence. I like to produce big, bold, meaty single malts, so I decided to utilize First-Fill Ruby Port casks in order to capture maximum port flavor. To round it out, I married it with single malt finished in a First-Fill Amontillado Sherry Butt and one Virgin French Oak cask. The end result is definitely Port-dominated, but it has a nice twist to it due to the Sherry and French Oak influence,” said Cedar Ridge Master Blender Murphy Quint in a news release.

The QuintEssential Special Release Portside is bottled at true cask strength at 117.2 proof, 58.6% ABV, and will be available in Iowa and Chicago, the company states. It will also be available online with an SRP of $99.99.


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