Aguasol Additive-Free Tequila

Aguasol Blanco and Reposado tequilas.

Fully mature agave, natural spring water, and the Jalisco, Mexico sunshine are the only three things inside Aguasol’s newly launched tequila. Designed for music festivals and sporting events, Aguasol is made by a fourth-generation tequila producer in Jalisco.

Through a bolt of inspiration from the brains of Charles Attal (co-founder of C3 Presents) and Eduardo “Eddie” Margain (co-founder of Austin FC), Aguasol was born backstage at a live music festival, the company states. The two friends were enjoying the final weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival 2017 when they found themselves feeling sluggish and slow after a weekend of celebrating. Between sets, Attal and Margain discussed their shared desire for a clean tequila, one without any sweeteners, glycerin, artificial flavors or colorings — only the essentials.

Tequila Made From Simple Ingredients

Aguasol offers two additive free expressions — blanco and reposado.

  • Blanco: Made from 100% blue Weber agave using traditional production methods dating back to 1904, Aguasol Blanco is distilled twice. Once in a stainless steel/copper tanks and again in full copper tanks. The tequila is then rested for 15 days in stainless steel before bottling, the company states.
  • Reposado: Produced using the same traditional process as Blanco, Reposado is then aged in American bourbon barrels for three months. This aging process results in notes of barrel wood balanced with soft agave flavors, the company states.

Each agave plant is harvested from the valleys of Jalisco, cooked using a traditional method, and distilled only twice to showcase its essence. Because the plants are grown in black volcanic soil at an elevation of 4,200 feet (1,400 meters), the resulting tequila has robust peppery flavors with delicate sweetness and notes of herbs and citrus.

Aguasol is currently available throughout Texas in over 850 retail stores and 900 bars and restaurants, the company states.

“We started selling it quietly earlier this year and the reception has been incredible,” says Attal. “We sold over 5,500 cases in four months, and we’re on track to move 10,000 cases in eight months, all with zero marketing.”


Bottled at 40% ABV, the average retail price for a 750-ml. bottle of blanco is $40.99, and reposado is $44.99.


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