Waterford Whisky Expands Across US Under New Partnership

Waterford Distillery is continuing its summer expansion across new markets nationwide under new distribution partnerships, with Breakthru Beverage Group being the next major update. The collaboration comes via Waterford’s new importer partner, MORF Brands, a luxury beverage importer based in Texas who is known for its expertise in developing and distributing innovative brands.

Waterford Whisky began its distribution expansion last month with Johnston Brothers and will now become available in additional markets throughout the nation.

Based in the South East of Ireland, home to the world’s finest barley, Waterford Whisky is the world’s largest producer of organic and biodynamic single malts. Waterford has worked with over 100 Irish farms across diverse terroirs, using methodologies that are more common among the world’s greatest vignerons – such as terroir and biodynamics – the distillery has garnered numerous major accolades in just three years. It has established itself as a producer with wide appeal for the new generation of single malt drinkers who value authenticity and provenance.


Bringing Game-Changing Whisky Across the US

“Our new agreement with Breakthru Beverage is a centerpiece of Waterford Whisky’s expansion across the USA, and it brings us tremendous excitement for the future of this game-changing whisky brand. Breakthru has the talent, team, and digital capabilities to make this partnership a great success,” says Vic Morrison, CEO of MORF Brands, in a press release.

Waterford will now be available with Breakthru Beverage in the states of MD, DC, DE and SC with IL, MO, CO and NV going into effect before November 1st and FL, CA and AZ going into effect in 2024. The line-up will include the revamp of the brand’s new core range, including a flagship cuvée, “The Waterford Cuvée: Koffi”, Organic Cuvée: Gaia and Peated Cuvée: Fumo.

In addition to Breakthru Beverage, the following distributors will now be handling additional markets for Waterford as well. Solcum & Sons will handle CT, Frederick Wildman will handle NY and NJ, Horizon will handle MA, Greenlight Distributor will handle TX and Heritage will handle KY.


In addition to the new cuvée collection, Waterford will continue to showcase its Single Farm Origin series and Arcadian Farm Origin series.


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