Conecuh Brands Acquires Global Sales and Marketing Rights to Van Gogh Vodka

Roy Danis, President and CEO of Conecuh Brands LLC, announced that the company has acquired exclusive global sales and marketing rights to Van Gogh Vodka, effective October 1st.

“We’re excited to take on the responsibility of continuing to build the Van Gogh brand in the US and around the world,” Danis said in a press release. “This is a seminal step in the development of our company, and validation that our approach to brand building is being recognized throughout the industry.”

Adding to Conecuh’s Success

Conecuh Brands, an incubator for innovative, super-premium spirit brands, adds Van Gogh Vodka to its award-winning portfolio, which includes Clyde May’s Whiskey, Próspero Tequila and McConnell’s Irish Whisky.


“We chose Roy and Conecuh Brands to represent Van Gogh Vodka because of their entrepreneurial spirit, strong route-to-market and aggressive sales and marketing approach,” said Van Gogh Vodka partner, Cees Dirkswagger, in the release. “Seeing the success they’ve had with their existing portfolio has us very excited to see the Conecuh team take Van Gogh Vodka to the next level.”

The Partnering of Two Exquisite Brands

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in New York, Conecuh Brands is a leading producer and marketer of super premium craft spirits. The company is focused on developing high-quality brands, including Clyde May’s Whiskey, Próspero Tequila and McConnell’s Irish Whisky. Brands created by Conecuh Brands have authentic brand stories, are delivered in world-class packaging and have an award-winning taste.

Van Gogh Vodka was founded in 1999 and introduced its first vodka in 2000, quickly becoming known for pioneering and defining the flavored vodka category through bold and original expressions. Expertly crafted by third-generation Master Distiller Tim Vos, the award-winning Van Gogh portfolio comprises 16 unique flavors, ranging from Van Gogh Vodka Double Espresso to Van Gogh Vodka Acai-Blueberry. Their signature Van Gogh Vodka is made from a blend of wheat sourced from Holland, Germany and France, and each flavor goes through an all-natural infusion process. Every expression is designed to be a unique cocktail ingredient; a canvas for consumers and trade to develop a creative libation.


‘While growing a brand that’s already achieved international acclaim requires a different strategy than launching new brands, our fundamental approach remains true,” continued Danis. “We will continue to build on Van Gogh’s strengths, work closely with our distributor partners and execute flawlessly.”


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