eRNDC Celebrates $1.3 Billion in Sales Since Its Launch


Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), one of the top beverage alcohol distributors in the nation, and its e-commerce platform, eRNDC, today announced key performance results from the first half of 2023 – including record-breaking sales­­ and customer adoptions, expansion to new states, and the launch of a reimagined online experience for sales associates, customers, and suppliers.

Exponential Growth and Market Expansion

eRNDC continues to report strong year-over-year growth, reaching $1.3 billion in total sales since the platform’s launch in 2019. This growth is largely attributed to exponential rates of platform adoption from new and existing RNDC customers. Only halfway through 2023, eRNDC is already able to report 50% year-over-year revenue growth, as well as a 97% increase in customer login activity.

Additionally, eRNDC has successfully expanded to five new states in the first half of 2023: California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Hawaii and now offers digital access and 24/7 sales support to customers in 19 states and Washington D.C. The eRNDC user experience varies by region to account for local licensing requirements, regional insights, and consumption trends, as well as product availability.

“As we look back at the first half of the year, it’s clear that eRNDC will not only meet but exceed expectations for 2023,” said Nick Mehall, RNDC President and CEO. “As this growth continues, our team remains dedicated to prioritizing the user experience – and that starts with listening to and acting on feedback from our customers and sales teams.”

A Reimagined Buying Experience

Following a comprehensive customer feedback campaign conducted throughout the first half of 2023, eRNDC today announced the launch of significant sets of new platform capabilities to increase connectivity across the three-tier system and completely reimagine the user experience.

“Our goal for 2023 is to make eRNDC a collaborative e-commerce platform that seamlessly connects the three-tier system in new and innovative ways,” says Emily Xu, RNDC Senior Vice President of eCommerce. “This exciting new era for eRNDC will harness category insights, artificial intelligence, and rich content to deliver a hyper-personalized and immersive buying experience for our customers.”

New features include intelligent search engines, local market curations, product insights and a faster ordering experience, enabling customers to make informed purchasing decisions in a fraction of the time. eRNDC now also offers additional tools and communication methods, fostering increased collaboration between sales teams and customers on the platform.

Looking Ahead

For the remainder of 2023, RNDC will continue to advance the digital capabilities of eRNDC, incorporate customer and sales team feedback to make strategic enhancements, and educate users on eRNDC’s expanded capabilities to streamline their workflows.

eRNDC is also expected to launch in additional states in the coming months, including Nebraska and Michigan.


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