Barton Releases Statement on Warehouse Collapse

Shocking, unfortunate images surfaced on social media last week that depicted a massive warehouse collapse at Barton 1792 Distillery.

Barton, owned by Sazerac, has released a statement saying that the accident took place at Warehouse #30 today on June 22 around 11 a.m. EDT. The statement further said:

One side of the barrel warehouse collapsed causing structural damage. No one was inside the warehouse and there were no injuries.

The Distillery team took proactive measures to access and contain the damage immediately. The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection has been on site and the distillery team implemented a number of actions to minimize any environmental risk.

Barrel Warehouse #30 was built in the 1940s and held approximately 18,000 barrels. “We believe no more than half of the barrels inside are impacted,” the company says. “We are assessing how many of the impacted barrels can be recovered. A mix of various distilled products at various ages were stored in that warehouse.”

The warehouse incident will not affect normal operations or tourism activities. The distillery expects to be open for tours on Saturday and it will resume normal business operations on Monday. Barton 1792’s normal “summer shutdown,” which is when bourbon distilleries shut down for a short time period in the summer for repairs and routine maintenance, began last week.


This will not affect bourbon production once the distillery’s summer shutdown time period ends as already planned.

It may be several days or weeks before a full assessment of the damage to Warehouse 30 at Barton 1792 is fully complete. At this time the company does not know which Barton 1792 brands or customers will be impacted.


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