Writers’ Tears Whiskey Increases U.S. Distribution

Walsh Whiskey Distillery has announced a major expansion of its Writers’ Tears – Copper Pot Irish whiskey to over 40 states.

Writers’ Tears was first distributed in the U.S. late in 2015 and is already in 17 states. These include California, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Distribution of Writers’ Tears – Copper Pot will now more than double under the direction of Disaronno International, Walsh Whiskey Distillery’s U.S. distribution partner.

“We will be distributing to some states for the first time, such as Texas and Washington,” says Walsh Whiskey Distillery Commercial Director John Kelly. “Writers’ Tears will be available in over 40 states by the end of 2018 and we will continue to grow distribution significantly across the United States in the next few years.”

Writers’ Tears is a vatting of single malt and single pot still whiskey. Single pot still is a style made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, noted for being spicier and more viscous in texture due to the unmalted barley.

Writers’ Tears is triple distilled from 60% single pot still and 40% single malt whiskey (there is no grain whiskey). It is non-peated, matured and aged in American Oak bourbon casks. On the nose are apple with hints of vanilla and honey over a distinctively pot still base, the company says. Its palate is spiced with ginger and butterscotch, with background notes of toasted oak. The finish has notes of milk chocolate and almonds.

Disaronno International also distributes Walsh Whiskey Distillery’s portfolio of The Irishman Irish whiskeys.



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