Widmer Brothers Brings Back White Gold Seasonal Release

White Gold Hazy Lager.
White Gold Hazy Lager.

Widmer Brothers, a Portland-based brewery, is reintroducing its seasonal release: White Gold Hazy Lager. The aroma and light golden hue of this lager is what inspired the name, the brewery states. 

This spin on the classic cloud style German Kellerbier lager has a mild and refreshing body, lightly toasted aroma and crispy finish. As the originators of wheat beers in the craft beer industry, Widmer Brothers added a smoother mouthfeel and more balanced flavors while still keeping the crisp aroma and finish of a craft lager, according to the brewery. 

Containing Saaz, Mt. Hood, Alchemy hops, this lager comes in at 4.7% ABV. Available in 12 oz can 6 packs throughout Oregon and Washington.


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