Sazerac Acquires 19 Brands from Star Industries

The Sazerac Company has completed the purchase of a 19 beverage alcohol brands from NY-based Star Industries and Black Prince Distillery.

The brands bought by Sazerac include: Georgi, Majorska, Llord’s, Alexis, Alexi, Black Prince, Blansac, Caribaya, Carnaby’s, Clyde’s, Devil Springs, Donegal, Dorado, Duncan’s, Little John, McColl’s, R.J. Hodges, Sir Francis and Wild Flame.

This comes months after Sazerac purchased 19 different brands from Diageo.

As part of the acquisition, Black Prince Distillery will continue to produce the purchased brands for Sazerac for a transition period of up to six months.

The purchase price was not disclosed.



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