Coconut Cartel Blanco

Coconut Cartel Blanco
Coconut Cartel Blanco

Coconut Cartel just launched their newest creation: Coconut Cartel Blanco. The new blend was curated by sibling-duo Dani and Mike Zig, the company states.

Coconut Cartel Blanco is made of a base of 100% estate grown sugarcane juice, with no added sugar or flavoring, and fresh coconut water. It’s one-year-old column still rum aged in American White oak ex-bourbon barrels, according to the company. With a proof of 92 (46% ABV), Coconut Cartel Blanco is perfect as the foundation for tropical cocktails.

“I’m captivated by the diverse and intricate nature of artisanal pot still white rums, particularly cane spirits like Mexican Charanda, Brazilian Cachaca and Rhum Agricole. This fascination inspired us to craft our own white rum blend, aimed at acquainting enthusiasts and curious consumers with the array of funky flavor profiles in a delightful and accessible manner,” revealed Dani Zig, Co-Founder of Coconut Cartel, in a news release. “At the heart of our bespoke creation lies our unique coconut water proofing method, a vital component to ensuring our blend’s unrivaled smoothness and approachability. Leveraging coconut water’s rich mineral and salt content, we mitigate any harsh bitterness or “burn” typical of high proof rums, while enhancing the vibrant flavor nuances exclusive to these high-ester spirits. The outcome? A white rum that retains its bold character while delivering an exceptionally smooth and gratifying drinking experience.”

Coconut Cartel Blanco has an MSRP of $28.99 and is available at select retailers across the U.S.


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