RNDC’s Bob Hendrickson Appointed Senior Commercial Advisor

Image credit: RNDC

As a testament to Chief Operating Officer and EVP, Bob Hendrickson’s outstanding contributions and his continued dedication to RNDC’s success, RNDC is transitioning Hendrickson to the role of Senior Commercial Advisor, effective August 2, 2024.

His new role as Senior Commercial Advisor will involve working directly with RNDC’s commercial leaders on execution standards, talent development and supplier pursuits, the company states. With this transition, Taylor Sommer, Chief Sales Officer, will continue to lead the sales organization, including National Accounts and Category Management and Dave Lane, Chief Supplier and Growth Officer, will continue his current leadership of the Supplier Excellence and Growth organization, both reporting directly to Nick Mehall, President and CEO at RNDC.

“Throughout his tenure, Bob’s commercial and operational excellence have been instrumental in driving RNDC forward,” said RNDC President and CEO Nick Mehall in a news release. “From motivating his teams towards sales goals, his ability to lead with accountability and intense loyalty to his fellow associates and teams, he has fostered an incredibly collaborative and high-performance culture that is well respected in the industry. While his contributions have undoubtedly made a lasting impact on this organization, I most value the legacy of his mentorship and leadership and look forward to his next chapter here at RNDC.

Hendrickson Leading RNDC Toward Future Growth

Hendrickson has been an integral part of RNDC since its inception in 1997, when the former Tarrant Company and Julius Schepps Company merged to create Republic Beverage Company, followed by the addition of National Distributing Company in 2006, forming RNDC. His leadership has been pivotal in shaping the company’s trajectory and growth, according to RNDC.

With more than 42 years of industry knowledge, Hendrickson’s journey began with E. &J. Gallo Winery in Los Angeles, where he honed his sales and marketing skills. This was followed by a decade as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Julius Schepps, RNDC states.

In 2009, Hendrickson assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President after serving as President of Western States. His commitment to the industry is further exemplified by his position on the Board of Directors for the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, according to RNDC.

“As someone who firmly believes that one’s success is determined by the quality of the people around them, I value and credit the pleasure of working with incredibly talented individuals and the accomplishments of the collective that have defined my time at RNDC,” said RNDC COO and EVP, Bob Hendrickson, in the release. “I am fortunate to have been a part of such a great organization and the RNDC family for 38 years, and I am honored to continue to help the Company moving forward.”


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