Starward Introduces Single Malt Whisky

Starward Single Malt Australian Whisky Finished in ex-Lagavulin Barrels.
Starward Single Malt Australian Whisky Finished in ex-Lagavulin Barrels.

Starward Australian Whisky just launched it’s Single Malt Whisky finished in ex-Lagavulin barrels. The distillery sourced peated scotch whisky barrels from Lagavulin Distillery to create the new offering.

Lagavulin is one of the oldest distilleries on Islay, situated along the rugged coast of the Scottish island. It is well known for its distinctive peated single malt Scotch whisky and smoky character, the distillery states. Upon visiting the Lagavulin Distillery on Islay, the Starward team experienced firsthand the impact of the island’s landscape and climate on their whisky’s character.

Starward Founder, David Vitale, said in a news release, “My earliest inspiration for Starward was to create a deliciously distinctive whisky, and while we certainly hit that brief with our red wine barrel matured whisky, what whisky better epitomizes distinctively delicious than Lagavulin? Sourcing these barrels to create this exciting expression gives us a magical moment to celebrate the very best of Australian curiosity and Scottish tradition. I’ve always been inspired by Islay; so much so that we named our daughters Islay.”

The Making of Starward’s Single Malt Whisky

Starward’s aging process begins with its trademark red wine barrels, where the spirit absorbs the notes of red fruit and vanilla for three years, the distillery states. It is then transferred into the Lagavulin peated Scotch whisky barrels for 18 months, creating an Australian Single Malt whisky.

This limited release combines tropical notes from Starward’s red wine barrel matured whisky with the earthy peat from Lagavulin peated casks, used for more than a decade to mature its smoky scotch whisky. The result is an Australian Single Malt whisky with flavors of nectarine, charred pineapple, coastal peat and a dry oak finish, according to the distillery.

Starward Single Malt Australian Whisky Finished in ex-Lagavulin Barrels comes with a suggested retail price of $130 (700 mL, 48% ABV). As it will only be available exclusively via ballot selection, Consumers 21+ are encouraged to sign up at for a chance to acquire this spirit beginning April 15. Following the ballot, it will be available in limited quantities at fine spirits retailers around the U.S., the distillery states.


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