Cupcake Vineyards and Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Announce “Love Is Wine” Chardonnay

Cupcake Vineyards' new "Love Is Wine" chardonnay.
Cupcake Vineyards' new "Love Is Wine" chardonnay.

Cupcake Vineyards and Netflix announced the launch of Cupcake Vineyards “Love Is Wine” Chardonnay ahead of the Season Six premiere of the reality dating series, “Love Is Blind” on February 14th. Available in stores and online starting February 1st, the limited-edition bottles are inspired by the golden goblets featured on the show, the company states.

“Cupcake is all about creating moments of real connection with friends and loved ones over a glass of wine, so this felt like the perfect collaboration for us,” said Helen Kurtz, CMO for Cupcake Vineyards in a news release. “We are beyond excited to enhance the experience of enjoying the show by pairing our delicious Chardonnay with one of our favorite TV shows.”

“Love Is Wine” Campaign

In the campaign for the release, “Love Is Blind” alumni cast members will return to the “pods” to announce the launch of Love Is Wine. Fan favorites Micah Lussier (S4), Taylor Rue (S5), Bartise Bowden (S3) and Marshall Glaze (S4) will be featured, where viewers see them  confess their romantic feelings to a mystery love-interest in the other Pod, leading viewers to speculate what the alumni are doing back and who they are talking to, the company states. 

In a fun twist, the campaign reveals the ‘mystery paramour’ the alumni cast members have been falling for is the Cupcake Vineyards “Love Is Wine” Chardonnay. It will also features appearances by additional alumni cast members Johnie Maraist (S5), Andrew Liu (S3), Chris Fox (S5), Zanab Jaffrey (S3) and Izzy Zapata (S5), according to the company.

“Love Is Wine” Chardonnay features notes of creamy butter, apricot, apple and a touch of vanilla. It will be available starting February 1st through the end of April on and at select retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger and Albertsons, for an SRP of $16.99, the company states.



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