Boochcraft Organic Hard Kombucha Debuts New Sparkling Apple Flavor

Original hard kombucha company Boochcraft just announced the release of Sparkling Apple, the newest flavor in the brand’s lineup of plant-based, organic hard kombucha. As a new seasonal selection, Sparkling Apple has launched at the perfect time with the arrival of the fall season, lending itself as the perfect sipping option to complete Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving and holiday gatherings.

Founded in 2016 by three friends in San Diego, California, Boochcraft ignited a brand-new industry of better-for-you beverages in the alcohol space: hard kombucha. From juicing whole organic fruits and fresh herbs in-house at their Boochery in Chula Vista, California, to deliberately making a product so fresh it must be refrigerated at all times, this hard kombucha is the perfect option for customers on the hunt for healthier drink choices.

A Refreshing Winter Kombucha

As with other Boochcraft flavors, Sparkling Apple is made with 100% organic ingredients, including red apples sourced from organic growers Viva Tierra, dried hibiscus flowers, Eureka lemons, ginger and cinnamon. These ingredients have been locally sourced to ensure the final product is as fresh and authentic as possible. The hard kombucha boasts a deep-red hue from the vibrant red apples and hibiscus, complemented by warm, comforting notes of cinnamon and ginger – resulting in an equally balanced tart and sweet sip.

“We felt it was time to refresh our winter seasonal assortment with something that was quintessentially fall,” says Boochcraft Marketing Director Abbey Schoenberg in a news release. “Every apple in every can of Sparkling Apple is fresh-pressed in-house to ensure you get that rich apple flavor and sweetness from Mother Nature herself.”

Boochcraft Sparkling Apple is inspired by traditional apple cider, resembling the bright, apple-forward flavors of the typical fall drink. For a refreshing twist on this seasonal favorite, Boochcraft included organic hibiscus as a cranberry substitute, providing a tropical, floral flavor profile and vibrant color. The seasonal release is naturally gluten-free and made with real fruit, making it a versatile ready-to-drink option and presenting itself as a “better for you” sip for a variety of gatherings this holiday season.

Kombucha You Can Feel Good About Drinking

Schoenberg reflects on Sparkling Apple’s ingredients, noting in the release, “This drink is the perfect alternative to the classic hard cider, with no added sugar while maintaining that craveable crisp fall flavor. It’s a new fall favorite you can feel good about drinking.” With only 7 grams of sugar and 7% ABV in each can, Boochcraft Sparkling Apple has significantly less sugar than traditional hard cider, at around 20 grams, lending itself as a viable alternative to other high-sugar alcoholic drinks.

Boochcraft Sparkling Apple is a limited seasonal release and will be available for the holiday season.


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