“California Beverage Solution” to Provide Single Source Distribution Throughout State

A group of seven successful California beverage distributors recently announced that they have created California Beverage Solution. This shared beverage distribution network was brought to fruition to help suppliers more efficiently and effectively sell, market and distribute their beer, wine, distilled spirits and non-alcoholic brands in California.

The founding members, who provide account coverage for the key population areas within California, include Advance Beverage Company, Donaghy Sales, Heimark Distributing, Markstein Sales Company, Matagrano Beverage, Pacific Beverage and Stone Distributing. By combining forces, these companies have created a go-to-market solution for suppliers looking for a distributor network that provides one stop decision making, market leading geographic and account reach, excellent retail execution, a focus on partnership and support building their brands in the most populated state in country.

“The state of California has long provided challenges to supplier growth and expansion due to incomplete geographic coverage, limited statewide partners and lack of a single entity bringing independent wholesalers and suppliers together. California Beverage Solution solves for these by offering a simplified, single point of contact for those suppliers who are looking to do more with their brands in the state,” Peter Heimark, a California Beverage Solution Board Member, said in a press release. “Our group includes companies with a long history of success, industry expertise and decades of experience. Coupling that with a commitment to exceptional customer service and brand building makes us valuable partners that suppliers can trust.”

Representing a combined 450+ years of success, California Beverage Solution member companies are deeply tied to their local communities and have experienced team members with vast knowledge and relationships in their territories. To help their suppliers and customers be successful, the alliance is highly engaged with key off premise and on-premise retailers in each market, including retailers like event venues as well as national and regional chains. In addition, California Beverage Solution utilizes the latest tools and technologies to access data driven insights tailored to the specific needs of each supplier.


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