Waymar Gin House Announces Release of Its Ambrosial Series

Waymar Gin House spirit lineup.
Waymar Gin House spirit lineup.

Waymar Gin House is launching its brand-new Ambrosial Series comprised of four fortified wine cask finished gins from the Southern region of Spain. This launch quickly follows the release of the brand’s flagship product, the Waymar Gin House Signature Dry Gin, the company states.

Aged in fortified wines casks, Waymar’s Signature Dry Gin melds with the wood, wine and climate in Tennessee to enhance the original botanical blend. Each 96-proof gin was aged in a different type of oak for seven months before it reached completion, offering a unique flavor profile for each expression, according to the company.

“Cask finished expressions, and more specifically, the Ambrosial Series, has been a brain child of Morningside Brands and Waymar Gin House,” said Jack Perkins, President & CEO of Waymar Gin House, in a news release. “We’ve always been a believer of using exotic casks to achieve flavors not before possible with base spirits. It was this thought process that led us to our first cask expressions reinventing classic cocktails and discovering new flavors. As an example, the Dry Vermouth finish is about achieving a Martini straight out of the bottle. The Ambrosial Series is just the start of reimagining what’s possible with gin.”

Ambrosial Series Gins

The Ambrosial Series Cask Finished Gins are as follows:

  • Manzanilla Sherry Cask Finished Gin. This gin was aged in Manzanilla Sherry casks to offer a light, crisp and slightly dry profile. Sippers can enjoy a blend of juniper, ocean breeze and soft floral undertones on the nose wit hints of chamomile, almond and sea salt on the palate.
  • Amontillado Sherry Cask Finished Gin. Aged in Amontillado Sherry casks, featured notes include fruit, tobacco, almond and spice on the nose and classic gin flavors fortified by warm sherry on the palate.
  • Vino de Naranja Cask Finished Gin. This gin was aged in Vino de Naranja casks, an aromatic Spanish orange sweet wine. A lengthy maturation process infused the Signature Dry Gin with the essence of Andalusian oranges. Featured notes include orange zest, vanilla and spice on the nose along with citrus and spice on the palate.
  • Dry Vermouth Cask Finished Gin. This gin was aged in French Oak through an aging process in Dry Vermouth casks, hailing from the wine region of Jerez, Spain. Fresh herbs and spices with hints of wormwood, coriander and citrus on the nose along with a floral, fruit and herbaceous flavor profile on the palate.

Released under the Morningside Brands portfolio, the Waymar Gin House Ambrosial Series is now available by the case for wholesale distribution in select retailers across Memphis and for private selection through the single barrel program. The Ambrosial Series will expand into additional retailers by early April, the company states. The SRP of each gin is $49.99.


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