U.S. Beverage Signs Partnership With Erdinger  

Erdinger beers.
Erdinger beers.

US Beverage, (USB) an American beverage company, just signed an agreement with ERDINGER, a German wheat beer. Starting January 1, USB is now the exclusive U.S. importer, as well as the sales and marketing support provider, for the ERDINGER portfolio. 

Expanding Erdinger to New Markets

Headquartered in Erding, Germany, privately-owned ERDINGER has used Bavarian brewing methods for more than 130 years, the brewery states. ERDINGER Weissbräu products are all natural, never pasteurized and fermented twice, a unique and complex brewing process – similar to the champagne method – that produces freshness and taste. 

USB aims to provide sales, brand building and logistics support to ERDINGER brands throughout their current footprint while helping them expand to new markets.

“Wheat beers are gaining momentum in the U.S. as consumers seek distinct flavors and characteristics, and the ERDINGER portfolio is an exceptional example of how delicious this category can be,” says Kris Sjolander, Vice President, Brand Development, U.S. Beverage in a news release. “Retailers and beer lovers alike are excited by the ERDINGER name, and we are thrilled to help them grow in the U.S.”  

“The U.S. market is an important one for ERDINGER and when we looked for a new sales and marketing partner, the U.S. Beverage team was the clear choice,” says Michael Austermayer, Senior Regional Sales Director, ERDINGER Weissbräu in the release. “Their experience and systematic approach will be vital to our expansion and as another family-owned business, they share our values.” 

The Erdinger Portfolio

The ERDINGER portfolio is available in most major markets and includes: 


ERDINGER Weissbier – The taste of Bavaria and #1 selling Weissbier in Germany.  A classic wheat beer featuring gently spicy wheat and yeast aromas blended with mildly bitter hops. A premium beer whose full-bodied yet elegant character leaves a lasting impression of ultimate Bavarian enjoyment. ABV: 5.3%  

ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic – An innovative and flavorful option for beer lovers who want less alcohol but more beer flavor. Made from all natural ingredients.   

ERDINGER Kristall – Crystal-clear with an inviting frothy head. This refreshing and lively wheat beer features fruity-fresh aromas. It gets its shining, crystal-clear appearance from intensive filtration. ABV: 5.3%  

ERDINGER Dunkel – A specialty beer for connoisseurs. Carefully selected dark malts with delicate roasting aromas give this elegant wheat beer its full-bodied flavor and strong character. A lustrous, deep dark-brown appearance in the glass with hints of caramel, nuts and fresh bread. First created as a birthday present for the owner, who liked it so much he put it on the market. ABV: 5.3%  

ERDINGER Pikantus – The Bavarian aperitif surprise. Fans of strong beer delight in a complex symphony of aromas. A dark color and smooth creamy head offers a well-rounded and malty taste with a hint of nutmeg and fine nougat. A sparkling nature harmonizes perfectly with a slightly sweet character, and a soft and delicate finish. ABV: 7.3%  

ERDINGER Oktoberfest – An unrivaled option for Oktoberfest moments. A full-bodied wheat beer with a higher malt content. Thanks to a particularly long maturing time, ERDINGER Oktoberfest features a beautiful amber color. ABV: 5.7%  

ERDINGER Brauhaus Helles – Quality without compromise is the tradition in Erding, so it’s no surprise that the same ERDINGER brewmaster quality is also given top priority for the authentic new Bavarian Helles Lager. The highest quality ingredients make it easy drinking with an incredibly smooth finish. ABV: 5.1%


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