Boochcraft Hard Kombucha Launches Mood

Mood by Boochcraft
Mood by Boochcraft

Boochcraft, a hard kombucha company, just launched Mood, a new line of non-alcoholic functional beverages. As Boochcraft’s first line extension, Mood offers consumers an all-new range of fruited tonics, launching with two vitality-inspired beverages: Energize and Rejuvenate, the company states.

Mood was created to support overall well-being by presenting health-minded consumers with a compelling alternative filled with better-for-you ingredients, according to the company. Each flavor contains prebiotic fiber and are free of high-impact sweeteners.

Energize and Rejuvenate Your Mood

Boochcraft’s Energizing Lemon Cherry Tea utilizes upcycled coffeeberry to produce a low level of caffeine (65 grams) for a manageable energy boost and is filled with prebiotic fiber derived from inulin found in agave, the company states. Similarly, Mood’s Rejuvenating Raspberry Ginger is filled with the same prebiotic fiber derived from agave inulin and is packed with antioxidants to boost the immune system, alongside hydrating electrolytes.

“As a line, each Mood flavor will contain 3g of prebiotic fiber; however, each flavor will have its own function,” said Todd Kent, CEO, in a news release. “Energizing Lemon Cherry Tea has 65mg of clean caffeine from Cascara and Rejuvenating Raspberry Ginger has electrolytes for hydration and fresh-pressed Ginger & Turmeric juice to aid in digestion. With more functional releases already planned in the pipeline.”

“When we first started Boochcraft, our goal was to create the best-tasting, better-for-you beverages and Mood brings us one step closer to realizing that goal. Mood is the first, but not the last, non-alc innovation you will see from us as we expand our portfolio through strong relationships with our current distribution and retail partners,” Kent continued in the release.



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