Garage Beer Experiencing Significant Growth Amid Industry Lull

With more consumers turning to healthier drink choices, beer sales have been encountering a slight dip in sales. Overall U.S. beer volume sales were down 3% in 2022, while craft brewer volume sales remained on par with 2021.

Despite this lull, Garage Beer has quietly become a quintessential American success story. A well made, simple, refreshing, light beer crafted in the Midwest has won the hearts and minds of beer-loving dads everywhere and is to become the fastest-growing beer in America. This month alone, Garage Beer has doubled its state distribution and widened its retailers by opening up in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Nashville, showing us all that the garage is well and truly always open.

Bringing the Community Together

Garage Beer has already been responsible for a number of outsized viral beer moments, including the epic Cuyahoga Catch and the inaugural of Puttapalooza in Chicago’s Coyote Run Municipal Golf Course, with the winner receiving a whopping 52 cases of Garage Beer. Fans are happily driving across state lines to get their hands on the highly demanded beer.

Garage Beer has hit a nerve, tapping into a longing and nostalgia for how beer used to feel and taste. Centered around community, Garage Beer has quickly become the leading quality small batch brew that’s both simple and easily crushable.

Garage Beer is the Fastest Growing Beer in America

With only 4% ABV, 95 calories, and 4g carbohydrate, the beer is served in two simple varieties: regular or lime. Founded in the Midwest, Columbus entrepreneur and owner of Garage Beer, Andrew Sauer, is focused on building stronger communities across America one beer at a time. Garage Beer is currently available in cornfed flyover states such as Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. It is expanding its distribution with latest launches in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. 

Garage has become the fastest-growing beer brand in the country, up 252% compared to a mere year ago. It’s become the #1 best-selling craft light beer in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, where it’s currently in distribution according to data from retail analytics firm IRI. In the last four weeks, Garage has joined the Top 250 Brands.

“Garages have long served as gathering spaces for me and my buddies to share a drink and swap stories,” said Sauer in a news release. “Garage Beer is aiming to give dads across America more hangs and less hangovers, by offering an independent light beer that cares about what goes in the can. It’s not too complicated, it’s beer the way beer used to be.”


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