Reimagined Texas Whiskey Honors Legendary Cattleman

Foley Family Wines just reintroduced Charles Goodnight Bourbon (SRP: $79.99), a whiskey crafted in memory of the Lone Star state legend who captured the unbridled spirit of the American West. 

Charles Goodnight Bourbon, distilled and aged in Texas, is upping the ante with higher proof. Foley has also updated the packaging to premiumize the brand and tie it directly to the Texas roots of its legendary cattle-driving namesake. It is currently available at spirits retailers across the U.S.

A Legendary Whiskey for a Legendary Cattleman

First appearing in 2017 as a 100-proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Charles Goodnight reenters the market as a distinctive homage to its namesake and a bold Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey that holds special appeal for beef lovers. Honoring Charles’ legacy as a legendary Texas cattle driver and the inventor of the chuckwagon in the 1800s, the team created a high-rye whiskey with deep oak, rich dark fruit, and brown sugar flavors that pair perfectly with steak.


“I take great pride in the fact that my great, great uncle was legendary cattleman and Texan, Charles Goodnight,” said Bill Foley – a relative of Charles Goodnight, the founder of Foley Family Wines and a Texas native. “Pulling barrels from my commissioned private stock has given me inspiration to craft a true Texas whiskey that pairs as perfectly with a well-prepared steak as a bold Napa Cab does.”

Established by Bill Foley in 1996, Foley Family Wines is a portfolio of highly-acclaimed wines and spirits from some of the world’s greatest estates. The company owns more than 24 wineries and a distillery, each with its distinct style, legacy, and approach to hospitality.

A True Texas-Distilled and Aged Whiskey

Charles Goodnight Texas Bourbon is a six-year-old, non-chill filtered whiskey clocking in at a robust 115 proof to capture the most flavor possible. A barrel-strength, high-rye bourbon with a mash bill of 60% Texas-grown yellow #2 corn, 36% unmalted rye and 4% barley, Charles Goodnight Texas Bourbon is triple distilled in a copper-lined Vendome pot still with no column still distillate. Pot stills impart more layers of complexity and a higher viscosity to the distillate than a common column still, creating a deeper flavor experience when the whiskey is extracted from the barrel.


This is a true Texas-distilled and aged whiskey. The Lone Star state’s severe climate ages whiskey well beyond the label’s age statement, as the hot, dry temperatures in the rickhouse cause the liquid to rapidly expand into the #3 charred wood. This imparts much more of the barrel’s deep oaky, caramel flavors that perfectly enhance a spicy, high-rye bourbon.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Begins with tree fruits – apricots, peaches, and nectarines – giving way to toasty oak notes of caramel, brown sugar, sweet vanilla, and just the memory of dark chocolate. On a third pass, notes of bright citrus-orange and lemon zest appear, with white pepper spice and a hint of dried fruit – raisins and figs.
  • Palate: A very viscous, almost creamy texture that dries out beautifully revealing caramel and honey sweetness, cream soda, toasted nuts, dark chocolate, and baking spices.
  • Finish: Medium-long, with a lasting reminder of toasted hazelnuts and a touch of honey sweetness.


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