Deschutes Brewery Unveils 36th Annual Release of Jubelale

A great holiday tradition since 1988 has returned once again. Family and employee-owned Deschutes Brewery just announced the highly-anticipated 36th release of Jubelale, a beloved winter beer that has been a cornerstone beer since the inception of Deschutes Brewery & Public House in 1988.

Jubelale was the first beer ever packaged by Deschutes, originally put into wine bottles straight from the taps at the pub. This festive winter ale is known for its rich spice notes, robust malt character with hints of toffee and dusted cocoa, and a warming ABV of 6.7%. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of Deschutes Brewery.

Award-Winning Beer Since 1988

Deschutes Brewery is a family and employee-owned craft brewery based in Bend, Oregon. Utilizing the glacier fed waters of the Deschutes River and local hop farmers around Washington and Oregon, Deschutes is a pioneer in creating award-winning beer. As a leader with key brands such as Fresh Squeezed IPA, the award-winning and top-selling Black Butte Porter, and Boneyard Brewery, Deschutes holds a high standard of craftsmanship and quality while continuing to push the envelope with innovative barrel-aged beers and creative small batch brews.

Jubelale Featuring One-of-a-Kind Artwork

Since the early 1990s, Jubelale has featured original artwork by various artists, a unique holiday tradition inspired by the creativity of Deschutes’ employee owners. The 2023 release showcases a design by former Deschutes Brewery employee, Ben Woodcock.

Ben worked at the Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House for nearly a decade where he served up tasty food and beverages as
he made his way through graphic design school at Portland State University. During his time with Deschutes, he also created elaborate one-of-kind chalk art that frequently graced the walls of the restaurant. Today, Ben is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and educator in Portland, Oregon who still creates unique chalk art for Deschutes at the Portland Public House.

Jubelale will be released later this month across the United States in 12oz 6-pack bottles, 12oz 12 pack cans, and on draft.


Inspired by each artist’s unique contribution to the brand, Deschutes has opened the call for artists to design labels for the 2024 release of Jubelale.


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