RNDC Introduces New Logo


Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) has introduced a new logo. 

“RNDC is starting the year off with a new look,” CEO Tom Cole says. “This is a logo our entire company will embrace, including those on the West coast who recently began doing business as RNDC. It’s an exciting time for our company.”

The updated RNDC logo is in the shape of a seal, which shows legitimacy, authority, tradition, history, vintage, importance, prominence, strength and stability, the company says. The logo represents RNDC’s “seal of approval” for the quality of their work and partnership.


Some of the outside edges are smooth like a bottle cap, and some are uneven like a wax seal, torn label, or a cork. The inside represents the inner circle of a bottle which is always smooth. “The asymmetric shape of the seal is authentic and unique, as is our company,” RNDC says.

The three circles at the top represent our their founding families. RNDC’s five core values are represented by the row of five circles on the bottom.



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