Nebula9 Announces Partnership With RNDC

Nebula9 vodka, infused with organic drinking vinegar, has announced a distribution partnership with Republic National Distributing Company.

The new agreement begins January 1, 2021, with initial placement in 276 liquor stores in Oregon. 

The strategic partnership will strengthen Nebula9’s presence in the Pacific Northwest region, the company says, by increasing product awareness, creating sales velocity and driving full market penetration.


In addition to growing Nebula9’s in-store retail availability across Oregon, RNDC will also work to establish on-premise relationships on behalf of the brand with restaurants, bars and clubs. 

“We’re thrilled to align with RNDC’s network and infrastructure of partners to enhance our footprint in the Oregon market,” says Keith Davis, CEO and founder of Nebula9. “Craft, flavored vodkas are trending amongst consumers, and now with our expanded distribution, we’re excited to bring our artisanal portfolio to the forefront with great taste and wellness benefits unlike anything in the category.”  

Nebula9 is infused with organic apple cider vinegar and four times distilled. Designed for the health-conscious consumer, it is potato-based and completely sugar free, made with organic agave nectar and organic stevia leaves. This formulation is gluten-free.


Nebula9 is available in six all-natural varieties, including Strawberry Lemon, Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate Blueberry, Pineapple Passion, Kool Grape and Mystic Mango. Each of the flavors are made locally in Portland, OR, and come in a 750-ml. bottle at 71 proof.


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