Groups Collaborate to Champion Women-Owned Alcohol Businesses 

Women of the Vine & Spirits, a global organization dedicated to empowering and advancing women in the alcohol beverage industry, has formed a strategic alliance with WEConnect International, the corporate-led, global nonprofit that helps women-owned businesses succeed.

The strategic alliance aims at promoting the visibility and value of working with women-owned businesses in alcohol beverage, expand market opportunities for women-owned businesses to connect with corporate buyers and other women-owned businesses around the world, and to educate and create awareness about certification and supplier diversity programs.

To achieve these objectives, the organizations will collaborate on educational tools and resources, webinars, consultations and events focused on educating women about certification, expanding and scaling their businesses and more.

Also, Women of the Vine & Spirits will offer a new Women Owned & Certified membership package targeting women-owned business in the alcohol beverage industry, worldwide. The new membership will be formally announced November 19, on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

“It is our goal at Women of the Vine & Spirits to provide women-owned companies in the alcohol beverage industry a pathway to supplier diversity programs,” says Deborah Brenner, founder and CEO, Women of the Vine & Spirits. “Purchasing products from a woman-owned company is an investment in women’s economic empowerment which sets a direct path towards gender equality and economic growth globally.”

“Across the globe, women continue to earn, on average, less than one percent of the trillions of dollars spent on suppliers by large corporations and governments,” says Elizabeth A. Vazquez, international CEO and co-founder, WEConnect. “WEConnect International’s new partnership with Women of the Vine & Spirits helps to bridge this gap, connecting more women-owned businesses, in more industries, to the resources, education, and networks needed to succeed in global value chains.”


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