Optimizing POS Materials and Other Sales Collateral

Sales collateral is another responsibility of wholesalers and distributors. Handling these in-store displays, POS material, branded merchandise, shelf hangers, tap handles and case cards takes time and energy.

Recently I spoke with Brian Onufrychuk, VP of commercial capabilities at Breakthru Beverage Group, about how the company deals with sales collateral.

Beverage Wholesaler: How does Breakthru Beverage get materials from suppliers?

Brian Onufrychuk: Normally we collaborate with our suppliers during a normal planning cycle (annually, quarterly) and decide materials needed on a brand-by-brand basis for particular customer channels and segments.

BW: Do you make some materials yourself?

BO: We do produce some customized/localized POS using third party vendors such as BrandMuscle for market- or segment-specific needs, in partnership with our suppliers.

BW: How does Breakthru Beverage get these items to off/on-premise accounts in a way that’s timely and organized?

BO: We work closely with our suppliers and third-party vendors to anticipate what material is coming in and when. Our sales associates and merchandising teams then schedule, deliver and install the material in the trade to ensure the consumer is seeing timely and relevant messaging around the brands we represent.

BW: What benefit do these items bring the supplier?

BO: Brand marketing/consumer impressions, incremental promotional activity, an ability to share the story of the product to educate and inspire the consumer to purchase.

BW: What benefit do they bring the retailer/operator?

BO: To provide interesting, relevant, inspirational and/or educational material to their customers, to interest consumers with engaging and unique in store merchandising.

BW: What is the most effective way of integrating in-store or in-restaurant materials with promotional campaigns?

BO: First, understand the type of account and who their customers are. Review the data to see what sells in the account.  Then deliver relevant brands supported with the right materials that will help accelerate the sale and consumption of the products.


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