Wyoming Whiskey Announces Deal with The Winebow Group

Craft distiller Wyoming Whiskey is pleased to announce The Winebow Group, as their exclusive wholesalers in the markets of Pennsylvania (Winebow), South Carolina (The Country Vintner) and Florida (Stacole Fine Wines).

Wyoming Whiskey is a family-owned and operated distillery producing award-winning bourbon from the ground-up. Their products include Small Batch Bourbon, Outryder Straight Whiskey, Double Cask Bourbon, Single Barrel, and Barrel Strength Bourbon. Using all regionally sourced, non-GMO ingredients, and water sourced from a mile-deep, limestone aquifer, Wyoming Whiskey respects the maxims of great bourbon, yet also reflects the feel and taste of the place it was made.

“We are pleased to distribute through a distributor that will take the time to get to know our history and character and deliver that message to the market ,” said David DeFazio, COO of Wyoming Whiskey. “One of our many strengths is the authenticity of our whiskey. With a myriad of choices facing them, the consumer needs to know what’s in the bottle before they buy it.  And everything in our bottle was made right here in Wyoming.”

Wyoming Whiskey celebrates its 5th anniversary on December 1. Relative newcomers to the bourbon world, the distiller holds its own against the world’s most respected distillers. The brand has received dozens of reviews from national bourbon experts who can attest that world class bourbon is being made out on the Wyoming frontier.


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