Patrón Launches Augmented Reality Tour of Jalisco Distillery

Patrón Tequila has launched an augmented reality tour of its home distillery in Jalisco, Mexico.

Titled “The Patrón Experience,” this platform gives consumers a portal into the Hacienda Patrón distillery, where they can learn about the characteristics and aging process of tequila.

“With this platform, we are once again rewriting the rules for how consumers engage with ultra-premium spirits, and providing a new, highly interactive educational tool for them to learn about what they’re drinking,” says Lee Applbaum, Patrón’s global CMO.

The journey begins when users download and launch “The Patrón Experience” from the Apple App Store, where they’ll encounter a single Weber Blue Agave plant. By planting the agave in its “field” (any flat surface viewable through the phone’s camera system), they trigger a landscape of agave, greenery and a lifelike model of the Patrón Hacienda.

As the experience unfolds, consumers encounter life-size bottles of Patrón expressions accompanied by a bartender vignette. With a tap on the phone, the bartender provides a guided explanation of the tasting notes and barrel aging process (where applicable) for each featured product.

Patrón also recently announced the new Patrón Extra Añejo, the company’s first addition to its core range in 25 years.



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