AB InBev Lays Off Hundreds From The High End Craft Division

Anheuser-Busch InBev has reportedly let go off around 360 employees, mostly from its division The High End, which handles craft beer.

Fans of microbrews who fear Big Beer’s gradual takeover of the craft category should not see this as an auspicious sign. As first reported by the blog Beer Street Journal, the layoffs were likely caused by redundancy.

Now that AB InBev has launched or bought up so many craft brew brands — including Goose Island, Shock Top, Blue Point, 10 Barrel Brewing, Elysian, Golden Road, Breckenridge, Four Peaks, Karbach, and Virtue Cider — the company did not need so many in-house staff.

Cuts reportedly took place from coast to coast, reducing redundancy while increasing efficiency. Many eliminated positions were in sales.

Workers for breweries purchased by The High End will reportedly retain their jobs.



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