Fire at Maison Ferrand Rum Distillery Destroys 65,000 Liters

A historic Jamaican rum distillery owned by Maison Ferrand has sustained significant damage.

Long Pond Distillery, originally founded in 1753, lost about 65,000 liters of rum stocks after flames broke out at the facility midday on July 16, according to the company.

Nobody was hurt during the fire.

Damages only occurred to production materials and buildings. The distillery does not store aged rum onsite.

The fire started in cane fields near the distillery, the company says, and then spread, touching part of the fermentation room and the fresh rum stocks.

The flames have since been contained, except for the bagasse dump at the sugar factory, which is still under fire. Firefighters are working to bring that under control.


The distillery itself, including the stills, have not been affected.

“In the middle of this difficulty, I know I can count on my team as well as our owners, the Jamaican Government, Maison Ferrand and Demerara Distillers Ltd. We are all committed for Long Pond to distill again this one of a kind rum as soon as possible” says Winston Harrison, CEO of National Rums of Jamaica.

The distillery is currently assessing the full extent of the damages. The entire team of Long Pond and National Rums of Jamaica are working actively toward getting the stills back to normal production schedule, the company says.


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