Breakthru Acquires Bacchus Importers

Breakthru Beverage Group announced that it has acquired boutique fine wine and spirits wholesaler Bacchus Importers, Ltd. Bacchus has achieved recognition for its expertise and unique approach towards curating products from around the world for its customers in Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C.

Bacchus has been owned by the Merinoff family since 1994. While this acquisition will formally bring the full Bacchus business into Breakthru, Bacchus will operate independently and maintain its current team, name and distinctive approach to servicing customers and suppliers.

“We’re motivated by what the future holds for Breakthru, and constantly strive to enhance our capabilities across all business lines. Acquiring Bacchus is a prime example of the unique partnerships we seek to strengthen our position as a leading beverage company in North America,” said Greg Baird, Breakthru Beverage Group President and CEO. “Bacchus has had incredible success in this industry niche, and we look forward to collaborating on continued innovation and strategic growth.”

This acquisition is Breakthru’s latest effort in exploring new and innovative ways to service customers and supplier partners, preceded by its ownership of Tenzing Wine & Spirits in Illinois, investments in Prime Wine & Spirits in Georgia and the continued development of an internal team of beverage industry experts in premium, emerging and craft brands.

“Breakthru’s experience in this industry is unparalleled and we have complete confidence that this new relationship will provide mutual success,” said Bruce Gearhart, Bacchus Importers, Ltd. President. “The Breakthru team has an acute focus on learning and development, commercial technology, logistics and operational excellence and we very much look forward to leveraging their best practices to build upon our already successful business.”



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