Breakthru Beverage Launches Agave Education Website

Right in time for Cinco de Mayo – where tequila sales are expected to double – Breakthru is excited to launch its “Great Agave” educational website – a unique, first of its kind informational resource on tequila and mezcal. The site explains what makes a spirit mezcal or tequila, the differences in regions that produce them and the most popular agave varietals distilled by generations of Mexico’s jimadors. The portal also features the tequila and mezcal portfolios that are available to purchase from Breakthru Beverage by state.

As a selling tool, “Great Agave” is an innovative and efficient way to educate bartenders, retailers and anyone who needs to sell mescal or tequila to consumers. Education and training are vital elements of developing Breakthru’s business – “Great Agave” is an extension of that commitment.

The site can be found here:



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