Mayenda Reposado Double Cask

Mayenda Tequila Reposado Double Cask
Mayenda Tequila Reposado Double Cask

Tequila brand Mayenda just introduced its newest offering: Mayenda Tequila Reposado Double Cask.

As an evolution of the brand’s Mayenda Blanco, the infusion process is the same, but the tequila is then aged for six months in a mix of American and European Oak, the company states. Mayenda Reposado Double Cask is now available in the U.S. and Mexico.

“With Mayenda Blanco, we knew we had unlocked new possibilities for expressing deeper flavors of the agave, thanks to the two extra steps in our signature process; yet it still felt like we had only scratched the surface of what was possible,” said Jesus Susunaga, Maestro Tequilero at Casa San Nicolás, in a news release. “When developing our Reposado, we decided to employ a double cask maturation and longer aging process. This resulted in an exceptionally smooth and balanced, aged tequila that maintains the soul of our beloved Blanco.”

Mayenda Reposado Double Cask is available at select retailers in the United States for an SRP of $75 per 750 ml. bottle and in Mexico for $1,445 Pesos.


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